Sun's Eye Herbal Essentails 1/2oz

Sun's Eye Herbal Essentails
Sun's Eye Herbal Essentails
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Product Description

Herbal Essentails are 10 blends of the most beautiful, lastingly popular and universally loved fragrances with added dried herbs for extra vibrant fragrance.

Almond Musk-With sliced almonds very sensuous

Almond Sandelo-With sliced almonds, Deep rich sandalwood with a hint of almond

Coco Rose-With rose petals Oils of coconut and rose, fluent and sweet

Honey Rose-With rose petals Honeysuckle and rose, sweet and gentle

Jasmine Rose-With jasmine flower, an elegant combination of two classics

Lavender Bouquet-With lavender buds, lavender and gardenia bright and fresh

Patchouly Musk-With patchouly leaf, Earthy and sensuous

Sweet Patchouly-With patchouly leaf, patchouli with a pleasing vanilla overtone.

Tropical Jasmine-With jasmine flowers,jasmine with a hint of citris