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Spell kit come with everything you need and include instructions. The number in the ( ) indicates the price is that much plus the $15.00. Some kits cost more because they have more expensive items in them. Please Select if the kit is for a male of female before adding it to your cart.

5402-Control Evil Spirits


5404-Fast Luck

5405-Gamblers(Specify Male/Female)

5406-Going TO Trail

5407-Good Fortune

5408-How To Develope Happiness

5409-How To Develope Peace In The Home

5410-How TO Solve Difficult Problems

5411-Improve Your Condition

5412-Keep Away Enemies(please specify Male/Femal)

5413-The Lady or Man in a Law Suit

5414-The Lady Who Can't Keep a Boyfriend

5415-To Have Good Health

5416-The Man Whose Woman Has Left Him

5417-The Person Who Lost a Lover(please specify Male/Female)

5418-Protection From Black Magic

5419-Protection From Evil Influences

5420-Protection From Harm

5421-Protection From Hate

5422-Protection For Travelers

5423-Quick Money(please specify Male/Femal)

5424-Success in your Business

5425-To Be Irresistible

5426-To Turn Bad Luck Into Good

5427-To Cross an Enemy

5428-To Get Rid Of Evil Spirits

5429-To Gain Spiritual Strength

5430-To Get and Hold a Job

5431-To Get Uncrossed

5432-To Have Good Luck

5433-To Have Prosperity

5434-To Love and Hold the Love of Another(please specify Male/Female)

5435-To Obtain Success & Prosperity

5436-To Overcome A Bad Habit

5437-To Over Come An Enemy

5438-To Remove A Jinx

5439-To Stop Gossip

5440-Wishes Come True