Sandalwood Powder & Wood Chips

Sandalwood Powder & Wood Chips
Should be burned on charcoal in a fireproof bowl or shell

Sandalwood Yellow Powder
Pure Sandalwood Powder. Burn for meditation and concentration.
Red Sandalwood Powder
spiritual upliftment and protection
Red Sandalwood Chips
Harvested in India. Ayurvedic Medicine uses this wood as a remedy and terms its properties as bitter, cooling and relaxing. Tibetan Medicine uses the fragrance of Sandalwood to ease emotional weariness from mental & intellectual overwork.
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Natural Sandalwood Chips
1/2 oz Natural Sandalwood chips, Burned alone, Sandalwood cleanses and blesses a place, creates an atmosphere of love, and establishes sanctity. Many who observe a daily meditation practice choose to burn Sandalwood alone to enhance the experience