Sachet Powders

Sachet Powders
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Product Description

Spinkle around the house, work, in shoes, clothes etc...

Attraction - Use to draw someone or something to you.

Come to Me - Use to draw back your lover.

Controlling - Sprinkle in the presence of the one you need to control.

Compelling - Use when you need to have others do your will.

Commanding - Use to force others to obey your will.

Confusion - Sprinkle to cause trouble to your enemies. Use caution as not to get this on yourself.

Crossing - Use to cause strife in your enemies' lives. Use caution.

Fast Luck - Use when you need a change in your fortunes.

Graveyard Dust - Used for crossing and in many voodoo spells.

High John - For gaining power and conquering your enemies.

Jinx Removing - Sprinkle or wear to remove a jinx.

Lovers - To attract partners for love.

Magnet - To attract customers, love, etc.

Money Drawing - Sprinkle to draw money your way.

Peace - Brings harmony and love to your surroundings. Great for wearing to work.

Protection - For protection from all evil forces.

Run Devil Run - Sprinkle at doorway to keep evil away.

Scat Away - Use to keep bothersome people away.

Separation - Sprinkle around people you wish to separate.

Stay Home - Sprinkle in the bed sheets to keep your lover home.

Success - Use for success before taking a test, applying for a loan, going to an interview or talking to lawyers.

Turn Back - Wear in your shoes to turn back a situation.

Uncrossing - Use to overcome crossed conditions.