Resins & Powders

Resins & Powders
Resins should be burned on charcoal in a heat safe container (found in the BURNER section)

3 Kings
The incense mixtures are used during the ceremonies of all the main religions, but also for spiritual growth, aromatherapy, meditation and for simple pleasure. 1 oz bag package
Copal White
Purifying resin from Mexico 1oz Bag It is used to purify objects, enter trances and or chosen for specific use in a ceremony.
Copal Black
Used for cleansing, balance, clarity and protection
Benzoin Chunks
Purification and cleansing. 1oz Bag
Benzoin Gum Powder
Burn Benzoin powder to attract good fortune.
Dragon's Blood
Burn For Protection 1/4oz
Dragon's Blood
Burn for protection. 1/2oz
Dragon's Blood
Burn For Protection . 1oz
Frankincense Resin Tears
The most sacred of all incense. Burn Daily on charcoal to have your prayers answered more rapidly. 1oz Bags
Frankincense Resin Tears
2 oz. Bag
Frankincense Resin Tears
4 oz. Bag
Frankincense Resin Tears
8 oz Bag
Frank & Myrrh Mixed
1oz bag
Frankincense & Myrrh Mixed
2oz bags
Frankincense & Myrrh Mixed
4oz bag
Gloria Resom Incense
Perfect for spiritual ceremonies, contemplation, or just to create pleasant, relaxing atmospheres.
Regular price: $3.99
Sale price: $3.59
Gum Arabic
Gum Arabic is an extremely hard tree resin, that is mainly used as an incense ingredient and as a fixative. In incense, it is burned for the purposes of Protection, Money Luck and to stimulate the Psychic powers. It is also used in Love spells, but for the purely platonic kind.
Regular price: $5.00
Sale price: $4.79
Myrrh Gum Resin
2 oz bag
Myrrh Gum Resin
Sacred incense burned daily on charcoal. 1 oz. Bag
Myrrh Resin Powdered
Sacred incense burned daily on charcoal for blessings 1 oz bag
Bayberry Powder Incense
Limited quantity. This is made with actual bayberry root and oil. Burn on Charcoal. Brings money and blessings to the home
Gum Mastic Superior
The Egyptians imported this popular incense as it was a key ingredient in their ancient "Kyphi" recipes. People in North Africa use mastic for incense burning as a tonic for exhaustion. Mastic works well for meditation and reflection, as it's bright radiant energy is helpful when you need clarity. 1/4 oz
Myrrh Amber Solid Resin
Purifies, protects, heals. Brings spiritual awareness, knowledge, and meditation. Releases powerful positive energies and drives away negativity. The solid chunk can be rubbed on the skin, burned on charcoal in small amounts, added to an oil burner, keep in the car as an air freshener 4-5grams
Shut up Powder Incense
Burn a tablespoon of Incense on a charcoal disc, use when others are talking bad or negative about you
Regular price: $2.59
Sale price: $1.99
Saint Michael Resin Incense
St. Michael is burned for protection and to ward off danger and harm. 50 grams package burn on charcoal
Regular price: $3.59
Sale price: $2.99
Isis Resin Incense
All-purpose and powerful - gives good luck and protection for all woman! Brings success in life! All-purpose powerful in good luck and protection for woman. Gives success in life! burn on charcoal