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Leaves Dried
Leaves Dried
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Product Description

Agrimony-Used for protection and sleep.

Alfalfa-Drink as a detoxifier and diuretic

Basil-carry in the pocket to bring wealth. Scatter in place of business to draw customers.

Bay-burned with sandalwood to remove curses. Place one in each corner of the home for protection. Keep one in the wallet for wealth.

Blessed Thistle-Wear for protection from evil. Bathe in for purification.

Blueberry-Helps lower blood pressure and regulate blood sugar.

Catnip-Brings love, beauty, and happiness to one who uses this. Calms Children. Give your cat to make it happy.

Chickweed-Carry to attract love or to maintain a relationship. Also used as a diuretic.

Comfrey-Carry for safe travel.

Damiana-Burned to produce visions, Use in lust spells. Drink as a tea for a good sexual stimulant.

Dandelion-Removes poison and toxins from the body

Horehound-Promotes quick thinking and increases mental power. Good remedy for coughing and bronchial problems.

Horsetail-(Shaved grass)-used in fertility mixtures. Facilitates the use of calcium in the body. High in silica to strengthen fingernails and increase the flow of Urine. Kills eggs and parasites and dissolves tumors.

Mugwort-Used for strength, increasing psychic powers, protection, prophetic dreams and astral travel.

Mullein-Used in courage and exorcism spells. Drink as a tea for respiratory problems.

Nettle-Used for arthritis and urinary tract problems

Peppermint-Soothing tea for an upset stomach. Aids the digestive system. Very stimulating.

Raspberry-Good for PMS; also said to promote painless and bloodless childbirth. It helps quiet nausea and acts to stop diarrhea. Only to be used in the first and third trimesters of pregnancy.

Rosemary leaf-Promotes liver function. Aids in hair growth. Good for pain and inflammation. A small amount drank in tea helps promote memory.

Sage,Dalmatian-Quiets the nerves, relieves spasms, produces perspiration.

Senna leaf-Nature's laxative. Use with caution.

Senna pods-Very strong natural laxative. Use with caution.

Spearmint-Calms and soothes the stomach and intestines.