Berries & Seeds

Berries & Seeds
The following Information is obtained from various herb books and word of mouth sources. No information is intended for medical purposes nor are any claims made as to replace traditional medicine. No claims can be made for the magical purposes neither. This is just a guideline, for more information please purchase a reputable herb book or check your source before attempting to use these herbs. If ever in doubt about using herbs for healing, consult your doctor before use. Prices fluctuate so quantity may vary

Anise Seed
Put Some in your pillow case to prevent nightmares. Burn as an incense to aid in meditation. Drank as a tea to improve appetite, alleviates cramps and nausea. also increases breast milk of nursing mothers.
Anise Star
Wear around the neck for protection
Balm of Gilead
Carry in pocket or purse to mend a broken heart or to draw a new love.
Chili peppers(Guinea Peppers)
tie together to form a cross, place under mattress to keep a lover home.
Used for healing especially headache. Stuff in mate pillow to prevent wandering.
The berries and flowers of elderberry are packed with antioxidants and vitamins that may boost your immune system. They can help tame inflammation, lessen stress, and help protect your heart, too. Some experts recommend elderberry to help prevent and ease cold and flu symptoms Used for protection, healing or remove negative spells and influences from around you.
For protection, purification & healing. Good tea to relieve gas.
Dissolves mucus. Mop the floors of your home with this in a wash to bring money to your home.
Flax Seed
Keep in the home to promote tranquility.
Grains of Paradise
Are used in love, lust and money spells and sachets. It is also one of the herbs used for wishing. Hold some in your hand and make a wish, then throw a little of the herb to each direction, beginning in the North and ending in the West. 1/2oz
Juniper Berries
Hang above your doors to keep away negativity from your home or space. Good for protection and good luck.
Mustard Seed (Black)
Sprinkle at your enemies’ door to cause confusion. USE WITH CAUTION
Mustard Seeds (Yellow)
Sprinkle at doorway for protection. Also can be placed in a mojo bag or bottle and worn around the neck for money.
Black Peppercorn
Used for protection and to get rid of negativity. Mix with sea salt and sprinkle on the floor and sweep it outside to clear out negativity or after a visit from a person of whom you wish to be out of your life
Poppy Seeds
Helps with sleep, love, fertility, money & luck.
Saw Palmetto Berries
Good for healing, protection, exorcisms, passion and spiritual openings.
Keep an open jar of the seeds in your home to draw money.