8 oz Spiritual Oils

8 oz Spiritual Oils
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Product Description

Come to Me-Use on the bossom to attract sexual love.

Confusion-Use to confuse enemies by sprinkling in their path.

High John(gold or purple)-One of are most popular oils for obtaining victory in ones life.

Holy-Sacred blessing oil.

Jinx Removing-For those who are crossed up or feel there is a spell on you.

Love Me-Use to entice love.

Money-Use any way you wish to draw money.

Rosemary-Add a few drops to bath water to remove conditions. Wear on the body for protection. Anoint temple for memory.

Run Devil Run-Sprinkle outside doorways and on the window ledges so evil spirits can not enter. Make sure you repeat once a week

Turn Back-When a stubborn harmful situation continues to bother you or your home use this to sprinkle around your home once a week. Wear on the bottom of feet to walk away from evil.

Uncrossing-This removes all types of hexes, curses, and crossed conditions. Also rids home of evil influences.