Orisha Candles

 Orisha Candles
7 day Candles in glass burn about 5-7 days

Yoruba & Santeria dieties

Goddess of the wind, patron of the marketplace, warrior and guardian of women.

Oya/ Our Lady of Presentation of Our Lord/ St. Teresa / Ruler of the winds.She rules over the gates of the cemetery and the dead. Her primary color is maroon adorned with nine colors. Her number is 9.
Divine messenger of the crossroads, enforcer of divine justice.

Elegua/ Elegba/ St. Anthony, Nino de Atocha /Opens and closes all roads and doors and crossroads. He is acknowledged first in all interactions and ceremonies. His colors are mainly red and black and number is 3
Spirit of lighting, inspires passion for the purpose of spiritual transformation & the courage to overcome fears.

Chango/ St. Barbara Warrior rules thunder and lightning, he is the owner of the drums and represents virility. His colors are red and white and number is 6 and 12.
Spirit of metals, burn for fairness and resolution of disputes.
God of the hunters of birds & wild animals. Has power over courtrooms for those seeking justice.

Ochosi/ St. Norbert/ The divine hunter represents justice and legalities. His colors are blue and yellow and his numbers are 3 and 7.
Patron of all metal workers & gives employment when it is in need.

Ogun/ St. Peter / God of war, iron and labor. His colors are green and black and number is 7. He controls life and death as the initiator of sacrifice.
Goddess of the oceans, she is the primal source of female energy.

Yemaya/ Our Lady of Regla/ Mother of the Seas, She is the mother of mankind and riches. She is considered the mother of mercy and never turns her back on her children. Her colors are all shades of blue from Indigo to turquoise to sky blue and white. Her number is 7.
Spirit of the white cloth, burn for wisdom, mercy, calmness, and purity

Obatala/ Our Lady of Mercy/ Father of Orisha and Humanity. He represents peace, purity, wisdom and morality. His primary color is white and number is 8.
Goddess of the river,burn for fertility, love, creative passion, art and beauty.

Ochun/ Our Lady of Charity/ Caridad del Cobre/ Owner of the sweet waters in the world, rivers, brooks, streams and water falls. She represents blood flowing through our veins. Love and beauty are associated with her. Her colors range from pale yellow to gold to oranges and corals. Her number is 5.
Chango(gold)-Inspires passion for the purpose of spiritual transformation and the courage to overcome fears.
Ellegua(White)-Enforces Divine Justice.