1/2oz Essential Oils

1/2oz Essential Oils
1/2oz Essential Oils
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It is best to mix these essential oils with a carrier oil before putting on skin. They may burn or irritate your skin.

Camphor-Add a few drops to incense to bring quick controlling powers. Also a very good healing oil $5.00

Eucalyptus-Strong healing oil for pain and sinus problems$4.00

Healing-Excellent for aches and pains $5.50

Lavender - use for calming one down, helping you sleep $6.00

Lemongrass-Used by Psychics to develop senses. $5.00

E.I Patchouli $11.00- Our most Popular Patchouli.Use to bring peace to the home, settle arguments, and Calm strife. Rub in doorknob of the home to make a trouble maker depart or move away.

Orange $5.00 - Use in love spells, use with caution on skin.

Peppermint-You must mix this oil in very small amounts with a carrier oil. Do not use on children or if pregnant(Very Toxic). Use when feeling tired on run down. Also good to put small amounts around the house to keep mice away. Apply to baseboards using a cotton ball. $8.00

Rosemary-Our #1 oil. Used in hair to stimulate hair growth. Add a few drops to the bath water to remove conditions. Wear on the body for protection. Anoint temples to enhance memory. $5.00